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Biafra - Digital Error (Limited Edition)

Biafra - Digital Error (Limited Edition)

The first in our artist's release series!
Biafra Inc., Twin Cities, is a multifaceted artist who uses a variety of mediums, including spray paint, screen printing, stencils, stickers, and posters, and whose work is a visual retelling of stories that are a part of his life. 
Biafra created 50 unique art pieces titled Digital Error to display on HAND5TANDS. No two designs are the same, and none of them will be reprinted.  Add a pop of color and versatility to your phone, knowing that yours is the only one like it in the world. Each piece comes in a monogrammed Biafra box that includes a small collectible etched piece. Edition of 50. 
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7075 Aluminum

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2.45” W x 3.82” H x .155” D

52 grams

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